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Scouting Palooza - 2021

  Congratulations to OUR Winners!  

Innovation Award Winner

1983 - Skunk Works Robotics

Applied Scouting Award Winner

1868 - Space Cookies

Data Visualization Award Winner

1410 - The Kraken

General Scouting Award Winner

2877 - LigerBots

In response to the lack of physical robotics competitions this year, PWNAGE #2451, Mukwonago BEARs #930, Spartan Robotics #971 and Orbit #1690 are organizing a virtual scouting competition!

Scouting Palooza is comprised of four different Awards.  Each award is designed to exercise a different aspect of your scouting efforts.  Enter one or all four!  (But only one award per team!).  These Awards are designed to be asynchronous and virtual.

The Four Awards Are:

Innovation Award

How has your team implemented a new and exciting idea to bring your team

to the next level of scouting and competing?

Applied Scouting Award

Put your scouting skills to the test. You’ll be given an FRC competition data set. 

Create a pick list, synthesize match strategy, and predict the outcome of a match.

Data Visualization Award

Here’s some data, do something cool with it

Can you create a visual aid to better understand your data?

General Scouting Award

How do you deal with errors in your data?

How do you train new students to scout?

Tell us your favorite scouting story.

Answer these and other questions to demonstrate your team's scouting skills!

Submissions Open: January 15th
Submissions Close: February 28th
Winners Announced: March 15th
Thanks to our partner FRC teams and Corporations for helping to make this possible.



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