Coopertition is a term commonly used by one of the FIRST founders, Woodie Flowers.  This is used to describe the kindness and respect we show in competition.  And is discovered through learning from and teaching teaching teammates.  It is found by managing and being manged.  And of course it is also from assisting and enabling everyone to the best of your abilities.  PWNAGE not only shows coopertition within its team but we also work with many others to show appreciation, respect, and excitement for the FIRST community.

Pit Awards

We give awards every year at regional competitions to multiple teams at competition to congratulate them on their accomplishments with their robot.


In 2017 and 2019 we were given the opportunity to compete and MVRC in Ohio by the hosting team 48.  Through this we were able to assist 48 in having a more diverse competition.

Assisting and Mentoring

We have assisted and mentored teams all around the world in Chairmans, Electriccal, team structure, and many other parts of FIRST.  One team we were able to mentor includes Illinois's very own Foritude Robotics!

Annual Scrimmages

We started hosting annual scrimmages for neighboring teams in 2019.  We hope to create a competitive edge of Illinois FIRST.

Women in STEM Luncheon

PWNAGE started and hosts the Women in STEM Lucnheon at the Midwest Regional.  We hope to encourage and support girls in the STEM commmunity.

Creative Coopertition

We help everyone we can in many other ways.  When in quaraantine we recording a video conference of the team for a team in Turkey to promote their Children's Day!  We also made face masks for health care workers.  We constantly support teams in all their efforts.

PWNAGE Robotics

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