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FRC safety resources

2019 safety & rules test

Every year all PWNAGE students are required to take and pass a safety and rules test. Passing this test is mandatory for participation in any regional or championship events to ensure that all participants at these events know how conduct  themselves in a safe manner.

2019 safety test

2019 safety test answers

Tie it back campaign

In 2018, our team created a campaign to help prevent injuries caused by loose clothing or hair. We provide bright blue hair ties with our team name on them at our pit for anyone who may need one and we post fliers throughout the venue to let people know where they can find a hair tie.

Safety training

Throughout the season our team hosts several safety training sessions to ensure our team is prepared for any safety related emergency and as safe as can be. Some of these trainings include epipen and allergy training, safe lifting training taught by a physical therapist, how to use a fire extinguisher demo and training, compressed air safety, diabetic shock training along with many more.

Annual safety
meeting slideshow

Safety fliers

We do everything we can to prevent injury and unsafe working environments, including making fliers for our team members with basic safety tips and reminders.

Machine safety

PWNAGE team members are trained by a mentor on how to use any tools or machines. Just in case a student forgets an important safety feature we have magnetic cards on each of the machines around the shop to remind students of these important safety features.

Equipment safety card template
UL Safety Outreach Training 
Slip and fall
Knife safety
Ul Lithium ion Battery safety 

UL has a great resource for teaching teams how to safely use lithium ion batteries.


The UL Safety Smart Ambassador tutorial teaches FRC students how to educate, engage and empower young children to practice safe, healthy and environmentally responsible behavior and introduce them to the Wild About Safety DVD series offered by UL. You will learn to lead a Safety Smart event and become a UL Safety Smart Ambassador.

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