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About Our Team


Just what do all those symbols mean?

PWNAGE TEAM LOGO - Team 2451 PWNAGE has combined the Hopi symbol and the Triquetrous Knot to create a team logo that reminds us to treat each other and other teams with respect and dignity. It is a reminder to always conduct ourselves with Gracious Professionalism.

PWNAGE (“pown-age”) v. n. pwn, pwnd, :pwnage, :pwnd 1. To rule, to own, to dominate; 2. From the root word own, and ownage, the process of conquering or defeating an opponent or opponents.

We love our volunteers and you can help too

PWNAGE volunteers play an important part in the success of our team.  They demonstrate the importance of Gracious Professionalism at all times. Our volunteers have the unique and exciting opportunity to watch our young participants learn, invent, cooperate, and compete while having fun.  Without them, there would be no team.

PWNAGE 2021 Team.JPG
PWNAGE is unique because it is a community team.

PWNAGE membership is open to ALL interested high school students. Our student membership draws from over 10 different high schools as well as those who are homeschooled. Our members come together from different backgrounds to work toward a common goal, creating lasting friendships along the way.

Our Home Away From Home

Genesis Automation mentors PWNAGE Team #2451 in all ways possible.  Not only do they provide space and equipment for our team to use, they teach and educate our members.  Founded in 1999 by a group of professionals dedicated to providing top quality automation equipment, Genesis Automation understands the value of an idea, and how crucial it is to the health and prosperity of a company.

Woodie Flowers Nominee - Congrats to Scott Hale
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