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Scouting Palooza - 2022

  Congratulations to OUR Winners!  

Innovation Award Winner

8122 - Mechanical Mustaches

Applied Scouting Award Winner

2826 -  Wave Robotics

Data Visualization Award Winner

195 - CyberKnights

General Scouting Award Winner

6832 - STEAMex

There were so many great entries

we wanted to recognize some as Runners Up:

Innovation: 503 - Frog Force

Applied Scouting: 5188 - Area 5188 : Classified Robotics

Data Visualization: 2521 - SERT

General Scouting: 5494 - Bizarbots Robotics


Welcome to the 2nd Annual Scouting Palooza!

Scouting Palooza started out as a way to keep our scouting skills sharp in 2021 when there were no in-person competitions.  It has evolved into a showcase of innovations and a celebration of scouting skills.

This virtual competition is comprised of four different Awards. 

Each award is designed to explore a different aspect of your scouting efforts. 

Enter one or all four!

The Four Awards Are:

Innovation Award

What is innovative about how your team scouts? 

How do you take scouting to the next level?

Applied Scouting Award

Given an FRC competition data set, create a pick list,

synthesize match strategy, and predict the outcome of a match.

Data Visualization Award

Visualizations bring your scouting data to life!

What can you discover from our scouting data set?

General Scouting Award

Share your insights in a series of short answer questions.

Competition Starts: October 15th
Competition Closes: November 30th

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