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Safety for all

PWNAGE's safety program goal is to meet and exceed FIRST guidelines, and to make safety a priority for our team. We have created a culture of safety and developed a commitment to being accountable for ourselves and others through sticking to safety rules and good practices.
PWNAGE believes that the safety of our individual team members makes our team stronger. Teaching safety and a value on safe practices will have lasting impact on individuals. When our team has a culture of safety, we function better as a group, lead by example, and unites us.
FIRST  believes that the teams who take the lead in developing safety programs and policies have a positive and lasting impact on each team member, mentor, their communities, and their present and future work places. FIRST recognizes the teams that demonstrate safety throughout their programs and are truly committed to developing and nurturing a safety culture.

5S Training to keep our shop safe and professional

Who knew air could be dangerous?! Check out our compressed air safety slideshow to learn more about the dangers of compressed air and how you can be safer when using compressed air. 

PWNAGE Safety resources for your FIRST team

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