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As PWNAGE team members we are engineers, computer programmers, artists, and photographers.  We all unite in our belief that there is a deeper meaning to FIRST.  We understand that FIRST is not only about building the best robot and winning competitions. FIRST is about learning and sharing the importance of STEM, Coopertition, Gracious Professionalism and how to build stronger communities using technology. 


As a team in FIRST, our team is a portal to careers in technology. Being a part of a FIRST team gives us practical knowledge in many useful areas including business, networking, public relations, fundraising, and, of course, engineering. The FIRST program provides an amazing experience that has motivated the majority of our team alumni to major in STEM fields in college. As a team in FIRST, we celebrate STEM through the FIRST Robotics Competitions.

About FIRST Robotics

Visit FIRST Robotics at to find out more on this exciting program.


Here are some informational resources that are available on the FIRST website.


Brochure:  What is FIRST?


2014-2015 Season Mini-Brochure




FIRST Robotics Competition:  Overview

FIRST Robotics Competition:  How It Works

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