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Women in STEM


PWNAGE originated and hosts the annual Women in STEM Luncheon at the Midwest Regional every year. 

In 2019,  PWNAGE introduced the inaugural Women in STEM luncheon at the Midwest Regional to honor the International Day of the Girl.  Over 180 people attended!  It has become an annual event drawing hundreds of young women from around the country and worldwide to celebrate and learn from leading women in their field.

Each year, PWNAGE assembles a panel of influential women to inspire and answer questions from the audience.   Past panelists include FIRST alumni, a FRC robotics coach, a computer programmer, a graphics artist, college students, a manufacturing engineer and a national bank executive.  Students are treated to lunch and a lively discussion on topics such as networking, education, internships and careers in STEM.

Our goal is to encourage and support young women in the STEM community.   If you'd like to join us in this effort, please contact our team at

For the 2021 Women in STEM event, we're going virtual!!  Our team is currently looking for inspiring women who have a passion for encouraging young women to pursue careers in STEM.  Are you interested in being featured in our video?  Please contact us.  We will only need a small amount of your time to record a short online video interview.  These interviews will be edited together for a video to be distributed by FIRST.  Help us make this the farthest reaching Women in STEM event yet!

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