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Mini Scouting Palooza - 2021


  Congratulations to OUR Winners!  

Innovation Award Winner

6328 - Mechanical Advantage

Data Visualization Award Winner

4645 - The Chicago Style BotDogs

General Scouting Award Winner

8122 - Robotic Eagles


We had so much fun with the inaugural Scouting Palooza, we're doing it again!

Because of the lack of in-person competitions, we held Scouting Palooza during build season in January and February.  As we move (hopefully) back into a more normal schedule, we realized that build season would not be an ideal time for an encore performance.  Fall seemed to be the most appropriate time when teams were preparing, planning, and training for the upcoming season.  Now, we could have waited for fall 2022 for the next Scouting Palooza, but that's way too long to wait for an event like this!   Please welcome...

Mini Scouting Palooza - 2021!

We don't have a new game to scout and strategize yet, so we're scaling down the scope of this contest.  But don't worry, we plan to be back next fall with a contest based on the new 2022 game!  Meanwhile, sharpen those scouting skills with this Fall's contest.



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